Result – Age Group Fencing Championships

Congratulations to 🤺 Chris Mak Long To🤺 winning 1st-runner-up in U17 Men’s Foil at Age Group Fencing Championships. This is the second medal he won within 2 months and both competitions are one of the most representative fencing competitions organized by Hong Kong Fencing Association.

Chris’s Hong Kong Ranking (Men’s Foil Cadet) also raised to No.2 after the competition.🎉🥳 We believe you can be the best in near future. Keep going!!!

Huang Pok Man (age:14) got 5th place in the U17 Men’s Foil.

Mak Long Ching Christy (age:13) got 8th place in the U17 Women’s Foil.

Pun Chak Ming got top 16 in the U17 Women’s Foil.

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