About Us

ProFencing is one of the most successful and parents-preferred fencing studios in Hong Kong. We aim to provide our students a world-class foundation of fencing instruction and facilities, cultivate them via exposure to compete in local / regional / international competitions and potentially foster the next Olympic medalist.

Founded in early 2000, we have seen significant growth of an impressive number of students to compete regionally and internationally. Numerous medals and trophies earned from tournaments have been a solid testimony of success in our fencing techniques, skills and training method taught. We are determined to build a result-driven yet joyful environment for our students to grow.

ProFencing cares about the quality of training provided to our students. With a team of knowledgeable and experienced coaches, we are able to cope with our core value. Our highly qualified coaching staff makes ProFencing a fun and supportive learning place for fencers of all ages, from beginners to the most advanced competitive fencers.