Welcome to ProFencing

ProFencing has been putting the development of Fencing the first priority since it as setup. We aim to provide our students a solid foundation of Fencing skillsets, exposure to different local/regional/international competitions to cultivate through experience and potentially foster the next Olympians originated from Hong Kong.

Throughout the years, we have seen significant growth of students from Pro Fencing both physical and mentally. Medals and trophies from local and regional tournaments have been a solid testimony of what our students have achieved. After all, we are here to  build a result-driven yet joyful environment for our students to grow.

ProFencing cares about the quality of training provided to our students. Without a knowledgeable and experienced team of coaches, we are unable to cope with our core value. Most of our coaches are consisted of the current and ex-Hong Kong Fencing Team members who are passionate enough to promote Fencing and Sportsmanship the fit and respectful way.